Melbourne Airport Parking Departure

I had to go to Bunbury, WA for a conference so I decided to fly across with Virgin. To my surprise Virgin actually served a complimentary meal and gave out drinks on two occasions. I did some quick research on the net for Melbourne Airport Parking and found that Alpha Parking was the cheapest, followed by Busy Beaver. I wanted undercover parking because Melbourne was expecting very hot weather while I was away and I thought I didn’t want my car baking in the sun.

Melbourne Airport Parking Discounts

I remembered that RACV offers members a discount for Melbourne Airport Parking via their website and to my surprise Busy Beaver was there. Go to the RACV website, select Travel, then Airport Parking and Transfers, after that select Airport Parking. You can select from: Jetport Security Parking (Undercover) Valet; A1 Airport Parking (Outdoor or under Shadecloth) Valet; Ace Airport Parking (Undercover or Rooftop-Open Air) Self Park; Busy Beaver Airport Parking (Undercover or Outdoor); Europcar Aiport Parking (Undercover or Outdoor); Andrew’s Airport Parking (Undercover or Outdoor). Busy Beaver was the cheapest of these for outdoor parking so I processed and paid for my booking. I printed out my ticket to gain entry to Busy Beaver.

Melbourne Airport Parking Exit

I duly arrived at Busy Beaver, parked outside the office and presented my ticket at the desk noting that there were several people sitting on couches in the waiting area. Ayer greeted me with a smile and my booking was brought up on the computer. He asked me for my car registration number and the carrier I would be flying with on my return. While the invoice was being printed another gentleman came and took my luggage and loaded it onto the waiting van. Ayer pointed out to me that on the back of the invoice were the directions for pickup point at Melbourne Airport and the phone number to ring after collecting my luggage. I then boarded the waiting van that was full of people that had arrived before me. We were spirited away to Melbourne Airport. Busy Beaver is actually one of the Melbourne Airport Parking operators that is furthest away from the airport and I thought that it would take them long time to get me to the airport. I was dumb founded when I looked at my stopwatch – 6 minutes. That is 6 minutes from the time I left my car to when I got out of the van at Melbourne Airport. Congratulations Busy Beaver – 6 minutes was my current record held by Andrew’s Airport Parking for the fastest Melbourne Airport Parking operator.

Melbourne Airport Parking Arrival

On my return I collected my luggage and rang Busy Beaver while walking to the pickup area they said a van should be there soon. I looked around in the direction the van should be coming and one duly appeared. A few more steps to the pickup location and the driver alighted and loaded all of the luggage into the van. The couple in front of me started a conversation with the driver about how quick he loaded the van and was off. His reply was that they are only allowed to stop for 7 minutes maximum or they will be fined. No one was there to fine you, but the driver replied that they are photographed going in and coming out of that area – just like any vehicle. He then related what another driver had told him about the drop off / pick up area (I actually noticed that it is a one minute drop off / pick up area on the signs). The driver said that he had picked up a couple from the pick up area and had noticed a lady waiting by her car. About 20 -30 minutes later he returned to pick up some more customers and noticed that this lady was still there waiting. He quickly went over and said that he had noticed that she had been there for a while and asked if she had been there all of that time. She said that she had been there for about an hour. Do you realize, the driver said, that you will be fined? No! The driver gave her a card and asked to ring him if she was fined. A couple of weeks later she did receive a fine of $180. So be aware that it is a one minute drop off and pick up area, and that you are photographed going in and coming out.

I hope your journey is as exciting as your destination.

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