Angus McDonaldSo you’ve had a rushed trip to Melbourne Airport with your husband and joined the long queue for the check-in counter. Finally you get to the counter and are greeted with a smile, your eticket is processed and you are asked to put your luggage on the conveyor belt to be weighed. Excuse me sir, can you please put all your hand luggage on there as well. And here comes the crunch. “Excuse me sir, but you have to pay another $82.50 for the excess baggage.” “What, you’re kidding!” “Your hand luggage is very heavy and puts you way over the limit.”

This happened recently at Melbourne airport and we would like to remind you about your carry on luggage. Do not get caught with high excess luggage fees when you arrive at the check-in counter. One customer recently paid $82.50 in excess baggage fees, which was more than the cost of her ticket.

Melbourne airport parking recommends you check your luggage allowance when you book your flight. Most people balk online these days, and Melbourne airport parking has observed that you have the opportunity to pay for the amount of luggage you need to take. This uses pay system, is beneficial for those carrying next to nothing on the flight; while others with heavy suitcases pay for the kilos they carry.

At the everyday we recommend you why you are handling inch and suitcases to check what you are likely to take with you prior to booking your flight. Then you can avoid the high charges at the check-in counter where you are forced to party if you want to take all of your luggage.

Most of the airlines, definitely Tiger and Jetstar, weigh handbags as part of the 10 kg carry on, 2 item, allowance. Virgin has a 7 kg carry on limit for economy, but will allow another smaller item. A lot of people do not consider the carry on as part of the baggage, but this is where airlines are making money charging a higher levy at the counter for the excess kilograms.

If you use the self checking kiosk, Melbourne airport parking warns that staff at the gate do why your carry on bags if they think they are too heavy and will charge you for excess baggage.

Melbourne airport parking suggests that Scottevest is a great way to go stop use one any has over 20 pockets in it. It will carry an iPad, tablet, coins, phone, iPod, keys, and almost anything. Staff don’t weigh your clothing and you can always take it off and store it when you are on board the plane. You carry on your weight on your body in the Scottevest. With the Scotty Best, you can put most of your heavy items in the pockets, so when you get to security, it is just a matter of taking off your coat and putting it into the bin and an walk on through. I have found to be very convenient as it holds everything you need, and everything is easily accessible.

Melbourne Airport Parking hopes your journey is as exciting as your destination.

By Angus McDonald

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