Angus McDonald Melbourne Airport Parking would like to report that the HeraldSun had a lead article about the rise in Melbourne airport parking fees.

The Herald Sun indicated that parking fees went up by 34% to the anger of travellers. It indicated that the airport already pockets $114 million a year in parking charges and yet the fees increased. There was no high profile announcement about the increase in fees and people concluded that they were trying to hide the increase. They reported that Victorians are fed up with the high cost of parking at Melbourne Airport.

They reported the airport has changed the minimum charge in the short-term and undercover long-term car parks from $4 for up to 20 minutes to $6 for up to 30 minutes. While the price per minute is the same the minimum outlay is six dollars. They indicated that people did not want to park there because it was so expensive.

Melbourne airport parking has now an hourly rate for the undercover long-term car park of $14 and that represents a 17% increase. It is interesting to note that if you use a credit card to pay you will also be charged a 2% surcharge. That would represent a total increase of 19% if you were using the Melbourne Airport undercover long-term car park. These new charges outstrip the inflation rate. However Anna Gillett, a spokes person for Melbourne Airport, said: “This change brings us into line with other major airports around Australia.”

So, from this comment, do we assume that the prices went up just because other people raised their prices? will be providing all the prices for all airport parking businesses from 1 to 30 days so that you will be able to compare all the prices for a month. For example, you will be over check out all the prices for an 8 day stay, or a 15 day stay, or a 30 day stay.

Since Melbourne airport parking has been collecting data on a port parking charges, we do make the observation that the increase in prices is not always consistent because quite often, Melbourne airport provides discount on various combinations of their parking. For example, they may have a 50% discount on the long-term parking at a particular venue, and therefore, that increase is not always applicable.

To get your best price always consult with and you will find all the prices listed from 1 to 30 days.

Melbourne Airport Parking hopes your journey is as exciting as your destination.

By Angus McDonald

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