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Melbourne Airport Parking would like to thank Amelia Harris, transport reporter, at the Herald Sun for reporting the rise in credit card fees at Melbourne Airport. It is a 2% surcharge when you use your credit card to pay for airport parking.

When you arrive and choose to use your credit card in the machine instead of getting a ticket and paying at the machine, then you will be paying an extra 2% when you exit. If you decide to get a ticket and pay with your credit card at the machine then you will also pay an extra 2 per cent. If you are charged $50 for parking then you will pay an extra credit card surcharge of $1.00.

Amelia reported that Melbourne Airport is paid more than $114 million a year by customers. A Melbourne Airport spokesperson said that the 2% surcharge is to improve the card security. Amelia also reported that the Herald Sun in July 2013 pointed out that some Melbourne Airport parking fees were raised by up to 34%.

It is clear to Melbourne Airport Parking that the cheaper alternative to Melbourne Airport parking is clearly to pay in cash. There are 17 businesses that provide parking for people flying out of Melbourne Airport. Become a member of Melbourne Airport Parking and get a detailed list of all the operators and their costs from 1 -31 days. You will also get the best Traveller’s Checklist free.

Melbourne Airport Parking hopes your journey is as exciting as your destination.

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