Angus McDonaldMelbourne Airport Parking with Europcar played a large role in my trip to the Gold Coast. The airport parking was booked on the internet and when we arrived at 157 Mickleham Road, Tullamarine we were greeted with a smile and a friendly welcome from the guy behind the desk. We came through the city of Melbourne and along the Tullamarine freeway to get to Europcar, for your Melbourne Airport Parking, and it is located in an interesting position. You come off the Mickleham Road exit and you are facing the car yard. However, it is on the other side of the three laned, divided road. So to get to the yard you need to do a left hand turn and then do a u turn at the next lights only 30 metres up the road. Once you have completed the turn you need to be in the left hand lane and make sure that you do not miss the entrance. This entrance could be signed a lot better than it currently is because if you miss it then you will have a lot a trouble getting over to the right hand lane to do a u turn to get back to the original u turn and find the entrance to Europcar all over again. Just be extra vigilant and you should arrive at this Melbourne Airport Parking operator without any worries.

Once in Europcar we drove straight into the undercover parking and parked the car. We took our luggage out and walked to the office where we were greeted by the friendly manager and our booking was under way. We took advantage of the car wash facilities and booked the car in for a wash while we were away. Melbourne Airport Parking is a vital component of your trip as a mistake here could cost you your flight. I started the stop watch when we got out of our car to see how long it would take to get delivered from our Melbourne Airport Parking operator to our terminal at Tullamarine airport. I start the timing here because the time spent in the office and waiting for the lift to Tullamarine airport are vital as the time element here adds to the total time it takes to get to your terminal.

After finalizing our booking we took our luggage to the waiting van and was greeted by our driver who loaded our luggage into the small people mover. Two other couples had appeared from nowhere with their luggage was loaded and we were off to the airport. The driver delivered us to our terminal and I stopped the clock – exactly 12 minutes. As I stated before, the 12 minutes is from the time we alighted from our car at the Melbourne Airport Parking operator till we alighted from their van at our terminal at Melbourne Airport. This was between 5.00 pm and 6 pm on a Thursday.

On our return from the Gold Coast we arrived at 11.30 pm on Sunday night and rang our Melbourne Airport Parking connection at Europar for our pick up. From the time we rang till we put our luggage into our car was 17 minutes. We were actually picked up by the same Melbourne Airport Parking driver that took us to the airport, and I recall him saying that he probably would see us again, as that was his particular shift. He was very helpful, as he explained that they were doing work on the Tullamarine freeway, so we took a different route back to the yard. He also pointed out the traffic was being diverted from the freeway and told us the best way to get back into the city. This was a great service, from the Melbourne Airport Parking operator, as the traffic coming back from the airport was quite heavy.

I must say that my initial impression of Melbourne Airport Parking with Europcar was that it was located in an awkward position. But after using their service I was very impressed with their overall operation. It was friendly, efficient and fast with great advice for the trip home. I would certainly recommend Europcar.

Melbourne Airport Parking advises that you arrive at your airport parking operator at least 45 minutes to spare in case there are unforeseen circumstances between the operator’s venue and the terminal. See Melbourne Airport Parking Travel Tip #1 for full details.

Melbourne Airport Parking hopes your journey is as exciting as your destination.

By Angus McDonald

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